WP Posting Tutorial Part 2

Congratulations, you have arrived at WP Posting Tutorial Part 2. High five! (see Part 1 here)

The WordPress Editor Interface

The Post Title

Okay, now you will be staring at the editor interface. Let’s take a tour. At the top is where you enter the title of your post.

Enter a title for your post.

Enter your well-chosen title here.

Why does it matter what the title is? Firstly, the title may be used in your site’s navigation menus, such as “Recent Posts“. So “About Us” will work fine, but “All about me and my little dog Muffy and how cute she is and all the tricks she knows and how smart she is and stuff” isn’t going to work so well as a menu item. Trust me.

Secondly, the title is a Heading. Technically it is an H1 heading, which is technojargon that means it is the main heading of your post, like the headline on a newspaper. Besides telling the browser to make it larger, it is also a significant indicator to search engines ( think Google) of what this post is about.  So “I’ve been thinking” doesn’t give Google much to go on, while “My Dog Is The World’s Best” does. And “My Poodle Is The World’s Best” does more.

Adding Content

At the top of the editing box are your tools, and it looks like this:

The WordPress Visual Editor

The WordPress Visual Editor

First be sure that you are using the Visual Editor, as opposed to Text View. If you see a bunch of geeky code stuff, you are probably in the text view. And if you are reading this tutorial, you should probably stay out of the text view.

I am not going to go through every item in the menu, that is your homework. Here are a few things to know:

Tooltips and Help

Mousing over will show you “tooltips” that help explain what each icon means.

How to find tooltips

Tooltips are your friend!

There is more information under the question mark, and even more at the WordPress online documentation, which you can find under the “Help” button at the top right of your screen. (if you think this tutorial is too long….)

Paste from Word

Please note the “Paste from Word” icon.

How to paste from Word - excuse me, Microsoft Word.

How to paste from Word – excuse me, “Microsoft” Word.

When you copy and paste text from Word, it brings with it all kinds of invisible formatting information, technically known as “crap”.  This formatting will often totally mess up your post. WordPress has this button to strip out the formatting crap from the pasted text.

The More Tag

I want to also point out the ‘insert more tag” icon:

the insert read more button

Use this button to create an excerpt break point in your post.

This is because posts get displayed in two ways – as a collection, and individually. Most of the time they are seen as a collection, blog style, latest first and scroll down for the rest. This works fine if the posts are relatively short. But if they get long, the scrolling goes on way too far, people can’t see your other posts, they get bored and leave. The “More Tag” tells WordPress that this post should be excerpted to that point, then have a link that says “Read more..” or something similar. Clicking that link takes the viewer to a display of this one post, in its entirety. Incidentally, clicking the title of any post in a listing of posts will do the same thing.

Edit and Publish -Or Not

So, now you should just go ahead and play with the editor and create a post. You do not have to let anyone see it.  Check out the Visibility setting at upper right. You can make it private, which means you must be logged in to see it. You can save it as a draft, etc.

I will talk about adding media in another tutorial when I get it done!
(This refers to adding media and displaying that media in the post. I have already done a tutorial on adding media and displaying a LINK to it.)