Welcome to Ravensong Digital, Talkeetna Alaska

Here you will find information about my activities, skills and offerings in the digital arena. I also use the Ravensong name and logo for other things that are very "undigital," such as wilderness guiding. Those may get their own pages at some point, but for now, this is all about the digital me.

Below is a quick list of what I do. You can use the links at left to get more detailed information.

Web Design

I have 14 years experience in web site design. (That's 98 in web-years) I code by hand and use full CSS table-less implementation. Congratulations if you know what that is, and why it's good!


I have been working with digital graphics since 1998, and my skills include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, web optimization, color design, and more.

Digital Photography

The "digital darkroom" is even more fun than the chemical one I used to inhabit years ago! Creating images is a lifelong passion I have brought with me into the digital age.

Desktop Publishing

In the context of my work and personal life I have had the opportunity to create print projects ranging from business cards to 3 x 5 foot presentation posters. I've also done a lot of re-purposing of content from print to web or vice versa.


I have a particular enthusiasm for teaching technology skills to beginners of all ages - what I call "Geek-to-English Translation."